Friday, February 5, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. Did my grocery shopping for February and I will only buy milk, bread and veggies for the next month;
2. I was able to purchase a new stroller (the exact model and color I wanted) for my baby with the help of a lovely young lady and a 20% off coupon plus a $5.00 gift card. Thank you Lord;
3. God you are so God, I thank you for the conversation I had with my tween. You created her for your glory!!!!
4. I baked pumpkin bread while my daughter had fun making jello :) Thank you Jesus for the precious time we spent together!!
5. My daughter had the privilege to participate in the praise and worship for children's service this Sunday..
6. A beloved brother and his wife stopped by church this Sunday and gave a mini preaching....short but big on blessing!!!
7. I was able to get a full refund on my contacts and glasses due to the optical dept error...thank you Jesus!!
8. My mom, sis and nieces came over for dinner;
9. Received a $10.00 off gift card from Old Navy!!!
10. Placed my online order for my contacts and it came out just about $30.00 cheaper plus free next day shipping!!!
11. My baby has officially started on cereal this week...awwwww!
12. My baby girl's top tooth made its appearance this week!!!
13. Took a nice stroll with my tween..she is so entertaining!!
14. Making progress on my kitchen clean-up..should be done this weekend!
15. The countdown has started...I will get to meet (face-to-face) my in-laws next Saturday!!!
16. You have once again proven Yourself as Jehovah Jireh...thank you make something out of nothing!!!

Thank you Lord for your mercy and love...
Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness...
Thank you Holy Spirit for your presence...

You do not condemn You create!!!


  1. So glad that Eddie's little plan didn't work and you got your $ back...HA!
    Kiki is growing up so She was really too much yesterday laughing like that...I love it! I am so excited to meet the brother's parents.

  2. Love your blessings. I can see you are a girl after my own heart. Thanks for your sweet comment about praying for John. Just prayed for him this morning. Isn't it amazing? I wouldn't know him if I saw him, but I can pray to the Lord and He can touch that young man's life. Cool!

  3. you've had a great week Praise the Lord! We've stopped baking bread since the oven is acting up, but once we get it up and running do share that pumpkin bread recipe sounds yummy.

  4. Sydney, what a week of blessings!!! God is so good. Yes, do share the pumpkin bread recipe. xox

    And, thank you always for passing by my daugther's blog. She so enjoys the comments!!!


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