Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breaking Free: To Find Satisfaction in GOD

The question for this chapter is "Does your hungry soul ever manifest physical symptoms such as irritability, selfish ambitions, anger, impure thoughts, envy, resentments, and eruptions of lust?"

Well does it?

The Lord is so detailed. About two weeks ago in Bible Study class at church we studied the passage in Isaiah 55.

While my husband and I read the class together I meditated on verse 2 that states "Why spend money on what is not bread and your labor on what does not satisfy"

The Lord was preparing my heart for what was to come in this weeks study. I read the chapter a few times to come to understand that anything that I seek that does not bring me to a fuller and deeper relation with the Lord is vain. It will not satisfy the need I have of the Lord.

Many times I thought certain things (drugs, alcohol, pills, etc.) or people would satisfy this hunger in me. I craved at the time what I did not even know. I was thirsty for God to do something in my life. I have a thirst that I now know through the mercy of HIS revelation of HIS Word that only God can quench.

After marriage, I would often go to my husband thinking that he should have all the answers to my questions and be able to fix any situation. That was unfair to my husband to place such a burden on him. The Lord is the only one that can heal me, deliver me and save me.

At times I would resent my husband for the peace he possesed. I would bothered that in many instances he would be cool, calm and collected meanwhile I was crying or frustrated. I would even try to get him agitated so he could feel what I would be feeling at the time but no way! He would be there telling me he loved me and that in the Lord everything was going to work itself out.

I thank the Lord for my husband and the love and patience he has with me. Thank you Jesus!!!

I know that if I do not start my day being in the presence of the Lord...it can get ugly. In the sense that I can get things done in my home (h.s., cooking, cleaning, etc.) but not with the best attitude. I may not say anything or act out but internally I am not well. The tension was thick and my family would def. be able to sense it.

In Karen's post she was guided by the Holy Spirit in that marriages are not dealing with intimacy issues. Which I agree with that. In the world we receive such a distorted picture of what intimacy is and what it should be. I know that when I was in the world I did not see it as something that God created to be sacred....my view was definitely not something pure and beautiful meant only for after marriage.

Coming to the Lord there were issues that needed to be dealt with in ministration. I thank the Lord for the way he renewed my mind on the subject. COMMUNICATION was key and definitely being honest with my husband. There are times in which I had to be maybe more honest than my husband would've wanted me to be..but there were things that I felt from the Lord that he needed to know.

I thank the Lord that we opened up to each other because after all the Lord intended for a man
to leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh (Gen 2:24). That was the Lord's will from the very beginning for a husband and his wife.

"Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral." - Hebrews 13:4


  1. I can relate to trying to get Hubby to forgo God's peace and get into my panic...and I am grateful that today I can call it for what it is-manipulation! God has been doing wonderful things these last couple of weeks for which I am so grateful...the best is yet to come!

  2. When I'm not mindful of the Lord from early morning I do tend to get selfcenterd,angry,easily provoked and just plain mean.


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