Monday, January 4, 2010

For God So Loved Me

As I read my sister's post I was also reminded of a Word the Lord spoke to me.

Back in 2007 I received a Word that the Lord would bless me with another child.
My husband and I waited on the Lord for HIS timing is always perfect!

As I entered my pregnancy I took a series of routine exams (not by my want but obeyed what the Lord asked me to do). Blood had to be drawn in order to check my thyroid glands. One afternoon I received a call from my doctor and immediately, I have to admit, my heart dropped. She asked me to come in to review the results of my exam. (I had already received my results of over 25 blood exams that were done which came back with excellent results). As he doctor entered the exam room she told me that the thyroid exam came back abnormal. I immediately told her that test was not accurate. She told me over and over again that the test results we in deed accurate however, I would still need to take another exam to confirm. I was hesitant because I knew it would come back negative but for God's glory I submitted to another prick of the nurses needle.

A few weeks went by and no call from the doctor. My next prenatal visit I asked the doctor what were the results and she gave me a puzzled look and told me the blood work came back from the lab absolutely clear of any signs of a thyroid condition.

Praise the LORD!

God is still on the throne and the devil is still defeated!


  1. Yes our God is indeed on the throne and laughs at his enemies b/c He knows they are DEFEATED!!!!

  2. Amen sister. God is still on the throne. I believe your faith brought about a victory. God bless you sister. xox

    God bless you with a sweet week. xox

  3. Amen Sister, God is alive and he is all powerful
    the victory is our, solo hay que creer.
    by the way I really like your new design is very pretty.


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