Friday, January 29, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. A different from the norm Saturday...was spent the whole day at home..enjoying each other's company and lots of laughing!!
2. Started the "Breaking Free" study and I am READY!
3. My mom came over on Monday and stood with my girls while I went to the dentist;
4. My mom surprised us on Tuesday and she stayed for dinner..her visits are always a blessing to my family;
5. I gave my baby who will be 6 months in about a week baby food. We all enjoyed seeing the funny expressions on her face and she tasted and felt the texture of the food and took lots of pictures :)
6. My tween has been super helpful this week volunteering to help me around the house and even wanting to cook dinner for us :)
7. My in-laws are having a lovely time down in Florida, enjoying time with their children and grandchildren, pretty soon it will be our turn to have them with us!
8. Speaking of my in-laws visit...what a great reason to de-clutter the house and decorate..excited about that project (including my kitchen backsplash maybe?)
9. My daughter left her pair of gloves at the post office and thankfully they were still there when she returned for them...she really likes those gloves;
10. Thursday night's service Word was beautiful, prayer is a powerful tool the Lord gave us; may we have the confidence to come boldly before HIS throne!


  1. I am still waiting for the pics of kiki eating and a personal invitation to watch her. She must look so cute:) Also, let me know about the decorating (not the decluttering...I have my own project:), you know I like that part.

  2. God is good! It's a blessing to see God's hand in your lives and the laughing together is always good in the Lord:) I can't even begin to imagine Kiki's face expressions... they definitely must be "Kodak moments". Praise God for the in-laws and I pray that when your turn comes that they may be filled with Joy and Love and most importantly the presence of the Lord.

    God Is Good....

  3. Randy....(<~~my BIL) thanks for stopping by and commenting. You are always welcome here :)


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