Friday, January 22, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. Went to my SIL's house. We had such a lovely visit which I must mention was long overdue. They are both great cooks and blessed us with some food to take come.
2. Sunday's service was a Word much needed. Deut 30:15..CHOOSE LIFE!
3. Did my CVS run and was able to catch some pretty good deals, best part I was able to roll over my ecb's just in time :)
4. Caught the Babies R Us sale and purchased some onesies at a great price!
5. Spent some time with my sis without the girls. We always laugh and laugh and laugh...
6. My SIL blessed my family with a beautiful picture of her and my baby.
7. A BIC celebrated another earthday. May the Lord bless him continually.
8. My SIL again blessed with with some delicious homemade bread and a gift for me and my husband...I know it is only You, Lord!
9. My tween has been so willing to help me around the house. I thank you Lord for the servant's spirit in her.
10. Looking forward to spending some home time this weekend and do some clean-up...yeah :)
11. The Lord blessed my husband with a victory in his job..You are a righteous judge, Lord! I thank the Lord that through out the test we trusted in you knowing that either way we are blessed in YOU!
12. Our FIC presented their baby in church this Sunday. He looked so adorable in his outfit :)
13. My mom celebrated another earthday in the LORD! I am grateful to the Lord to have such a special woman as a mother. She has such a love for the souls that I pray that the Lord continues to use her for His glory and that she may continue to have that passion to preach HIS Word to the lost!

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  1. I am very glad to hear about BIL victory...all we have to do is be still and our God will fight for us and deliver us! So glad you guys are enjoying family time...I'm really excited to meet Nana and Paw Paw too!


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