Friday, January 15, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Made my first purchase of teeth cleaning supplies for my 5 mo. old baby :)
2. Our Pastor has been preaching about the coming of Christ it has been a blessing..Are you ready?
3. I thank God that my mom is healed in the name of Jesus
4. Great deals at week looks good also :)
5. I can do all things in Christ......
6. My Pastor blessed me with a CD. Even in the little things Lord..thank u!
7. Went for the root canal...trusting in the Lord...wasn't that bad :)
8. My SIL blessed my baby with some adorable boots, an outfit and a toy!
9. Karen blessed me with some savings
10. Have a visit planned to my SIL's house..we are excited!
11. Our lil SIC is healed and doing great! She is so beautiful!
12. FIC blessed us with a beautiful pic of their baby boy :)


  1. What a blessed week, thank you Jesus.
    what the teeth supply consist of? wow! she already has a tooth.Enjoy every moment sister, time goes fast.

  2. I bought her a fingerbrush to clean her teeth. I put it on my finger and rub her teeth with it. Great buy only 1.99 at Babies R Us and it comes with a case to store it in :)

  3. The trip was worth is to have kiki's teeth sparkling white and keeping them like that:)


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