Monday, January 4, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. Spent a lovely dinner with my sister and her family. Mom made it just in time to join us!
2. My daughter and I spent a lovely afternoon together,
3. My husband enjoyed his vacation time this week. He is enjoying daddy and daughters time :)
4. My mom is always willing...thank you Lord!
5. My husband celebrated another earthday in the LORD!
6. Prayer service was more than I could of asked or even imagine,
7. Rang in the new year at church (what better place to begin the year in the presence of the LORD) with my FIC!
8. Brothers and sisters testified of the LORD's faithfulness during this past year. Thank you Jesus for the kleenex ;)
9. This was the last week of our SIC visit. It was great to see them again! They have grown into beautiful and more importantly God-fearing young ladies,
10. My daughter received some yummy treats from our Pastor,
11. Another year has come and gone by. Looking forward to witnessing God's continuing love and mercy!


  1. Amen sis....what a great week the Lord has given you....I was waiting for your CYB post =0) Your bloggie place is looking great!

    GB Michelle

  2. Amen! Such a blessed filled week. It seems so much happened this week (very busy), yet I thank the Lord it is filled with His peace.

  3. lol..Michelle. I was running late with the CYB. Def. the Lord has blessed us this week and we are thankful :)


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