Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Turn

Karen at Building Her House posted a yummy recipe for pumpkin bars.

I was able to try a piece of hers and immediately decided on trying out the recipe for myself especially since she said it was super easy to make.

Let me tell you it was super easy to make!
I forgot to include my almonds in the batter therefore I sprinkled some on top.

Next time I will be substituting bananas and maybe even try making it with carrots.

I would add raisins and nuts to make it even yummier!


  1. Sydney, that looks yummy. I recently tried making my own dip, and it came out so good. I will have to post a picture and the recipe. Very easy, and good with celery and some doritos.

  2. I am wanting a nice size piece. Next time I want to try natural carrots and other veggies/fruits.

  3. I have tried a similiar version with guess what??? zucchini and it was scrumptious!!!

  4. oops! almost forgot to mention Jasmine...please post that recipe sounds verrry good.


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