Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back but Pressing On Ahead.......

This time of the year proves to be somewhat nostalgic. I look back at the year that is ready to end and look forward to the new year. Looking forward to what the Lord will do this year. But not forgetting to thank HIM and honor HIM for all that HE has done in this past year.

We announced to the church that we are expecting another child
The Lord delivered me from a word that was declared over my life almost 15 years ago.

Received all my pregnancy blood work (over 25 blood exams) all coming back with excellent health results. I was overwhelmed to say the least.
Announced to my former employer that I was expecting another child
Marriage Bible Study classes began (It was a blessing)
Started on my blogging adventure
My SIC gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!

Sonogram confirmed sex of the baby....GIRL!!!

Little SIC turned 5
Participated in my first washing of the feet ceremony. What a privilege!

Little SIC turned 12
Performed jury duty for the first time. Spent time catching up on my crocheting :)
My daughter accompanied me on a sonogram and for the first time saw her baby sister

My daughter graduated the 6th grade and received honors :) Only you Lord!
My daughter participated in a wedding at our church...everyone in the bridal party looked beautiful

My tween turned 12
I was given a blessing shower by my FIC!!!
My niece turned 12
24th was my last day working
My SIC celebrated another earth day and so did her son
This was the last month my husband and I performed church cleaning duties. I thank the Lord for giving me the strength and grace to do it all while being pregnant. Thank you Jesus!

Turned 31...wowsa!
My beautiful baby was born
Prayerfully my husband and I decided we would homeschool our tween.

Homeschooling began
My niece celebrated her 4th earthday and so did her dad (He's not!
My sister preached at our church

My sister celebrated another earthday!
Lord allowed me to go visit my grandmother in Ecuador after 16 years. Saw many family members and even met some new ones. Thank you Lord!

Remembering how this time last year I was pregnant
Enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving dinner with a new sister in Christ and her baby daughter! (She made a delicious cheesecake)
We are privileged to participate in a seed sowing project for our Church and for HIS glory!
Met some of my husbands family members
Met our goal to pack more boxes for Operation Christmas Child

My husband celebrated another earthday
My daughter accomplished her Bible reading goal! For YOUR glory Jesus!
FIC welcomed a new addition to the family. YOU are faithful LORD!
My husbands parents were approved for their travel visas

(Their were many more bountiful blessings that occurred this year...however I wanted to give you a sneak peek at what occurred in my life in 2009)

There are goals that my family and I are setting for ourselves for the upcoming year. With the help of the Lord we will accomplish them all for HIS glory!

My desire for you all is that the Lord may continue to bless and prosper you in HIM. That all that you have purposed to achieve this year for HIM and in HIM may come to pass for HIS glory. That every word that has been declared over your lives may come to fruition knowing that faithful is HE who has promised.

There is no one like you JESUS. I realize that your mercy and love is much more than I can ever sum up into words. Simple word are not enough to describe all that you are. Holy Spirit help my family and I draw nearer to YOU for this new year and always. In Jesus' name...Amen :)



  1. Sis thanks for the preview of this past year...although I was there it helps to be reminded of God's greatness. Praying that your family will be richly blessed this upcoming new year in the name of Jesus.

    With Christ's love,
    Michelle and family

  2. Yay!!!! Yipee!!! Another wonderful year in the Lord! And since He takes us from glory to glory, we are looking forward to seeing more of HIM and less (nothing) of us this upcoming year. I guess that's my goal this year--that Karen would die and Christ would live in me!

  3. Wow, what a year full of wonderful blessings.
    Thank you Jesus for who you are and all you are doing. Glory to God. Sister get ready to experience more of Him, his mercy and Goodness this coming year.

    God bless you

  4. Wow, what a blessed year. Now an even better year in 2010. Many blessings to you, Sydney.

    I'm so happy we met.

    God bless you and your family. xox


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