Friday, December 11, 2009

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. Had some mommy and tween time this weekend and I am thankful to the Lord that me and my daughter share such a special bond - she is so funny!
2. Spent time with the fam doing an art project,
3. Baby Daniel is here!
4. Received a great deal on cereal and eggs,
5. Had dinner twice at my mom's house this week and it was delicious,
6. Tuesday night prayer was again a blessing to my soul...Are you ready?
7. A BIC preached at Thurs. service and my fam and I were edified..."Mi casa, mi familia, mis hijos, mi matrimonio, mi pastor, mi iglesia no se cae..por que esta sobre la roca!"
8. A lil sister in Christ celebrated her 1st earthday this week!! and my older sister celebrated her earthday this week 35!!!!
9. I really enjoy seeing my baby doing tummy time...she is holding her head up!Help me to enjoy every moment Lord!
10. Thank you Lord for allowing me to see the virtues as well as the faults. Thank you because it is an opportunity to get closer to you in prayer!

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  1. Kiki is growing tooo fast...she loves titi and kiki time too!
    God has been speaking to the church about holiness and the fear of the Lord should grip our hearts. He who has ears, listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches!!!!!! He is coming soon, will He find faith here on earth?????


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