Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Savings...

My sister and I went out to see if we would be able to find any Black Friday deals. To my surprise the stores that we went to really did not offer anything that, to me, would be considered a good deal.

However, CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid advertised three day sales begining on the 26th. So while the turkey and the pernil were in the oven (my hubby was home with the girls) we did some shopping on Thankful Thursday and caught some awesome deals!

Below are my purchases made:

CVS run was a total of $2.32 OOP and received $12.00 in ECB's

Walgreens run with a total of $4.89 OOP (specially happy I was able to buy my tween 2 webkinz that she wanted that retail at about $14.99 each)

Rite-Aid run with a total of $10.86 OOP, however RR is $10.00 so FINAL OOP is $.86!

Thank you Jesus!


  1. What a wash!!!!!! I am so thankful the Lord spared us from getting up at the break of dawn to head out into the madness for nothing. You can definitely get better deals throughout the year:)

  2. Sydney,

    Thank you for your sweet blessing for our Rilla. We pray that for her daily!

    Your blog is lovely and I plan to come back and read it over. I hope you will visit me again as well.

    Blessings on your day!

  3. Wow, the creamer and webkinz deal is awesome, good for you!! I have been reading a bit about CVS and Walgreens deals but haven't taken the time to actually figure out how it works, now I am convinced I need to.


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