Friday, November 27, 2009

Counting My Blessings

1. Double blessing here: Attended a baby blessing shower for a FIC and at the same time got to see another FIC beautiful new home,
2. Tuesday's Word was right on time,
3. My baby girl is getting so big!
4. My tween helped me prep our Thanksgiving dinner. She was a big help!
5. My sis and her family came over for a late lunch,
6. My sister had a car situation..but Jesus is still LORD and the devil still defeated!
7. Made all the doorbuster purchases I wanted and was able to get my tween the WebKinz that she wanted for very little OOP! Thank You Jesus!
8. Karen always makes me laugh during our store runs :) "Is that in the P&G Saver?"
9. Had dinner at church with the FIC, the fellowship is always a blessing, my BIL gave an awesome testimony.
10. As a Christian this is not the only time of the year to feel compelled to give thanks and recognize HIS love and mercy but every day. Thank you LORD because it could've been me but you saw fit to let none of these things be!

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  1. Yes, me and the cashiers find it so funny:) I do enjoy our trips. This time my tears actually came out from so much laughing!


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