Friday, November 6, 2009

Counting My Blessings

1. Had a intercession vigil at church. Another church visited and it was a blessing.The Lord sure has deposited many talents :)
2. A BIC has been coming to church and I pray that He may know only HE can change us!
3. Received some text msgs from my family in Ecuador. May they continue to persevere in YOU Lord!
4. My mom watched my girls for me while I ran an errand;
5. Invited my mom over for dinner on Tuesday;
6. Had dinner at my mom's house on Wednesday :)
7. So glad to see that our new SIC has been attending church regularly. Thank you JESUS!
8. My baby turned 3 months this week! She is such a blessing to our family;
9. My husband is such an inspiration to me :)
10. My daughter is doing great at Math. I am so happy for her!
11. Thankful to the Lord for the xtra time I have been able to spend with my mom this week;

Tu Espiritu me esta llenando me de TI
Tu Espiritu me esta hablando me de TI
Ahora se muy bien que estas aqui
Cristo, tu estas aqui!!!


  1. Kiki is getting so already three months. It's almost the end of the year and the Lord is definitely doing things...Glory to God!

  2. Oh and when you redo the flan, I am expecting a personal invitation:)


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