Friday, October 16, 2009

Counting My International Blessings

1. I made it to Ecuador after 16 years..although there was turbulance on the plane...I prayed and I felt peace and knew the Lord was with me,
2. Ny oldest nephew and brother met me at the was overwhleming the feeling of greatfulness..thank you Lord!!!
3. Saw my grandmother´s beautiful face...Thank you Lord because you answered my petition..I am so grateful,
4. I saw so many family members that I haven´t seen since I was a child...thank you Lord for my family,
5. I have been able to speak to my daughter and husband every day..thank you Jesus because I know it can only be YOU!!
6. Spend some time with my older sister who I haven´t seen in 5 years...I met my nephew..and he is sooo cute..I thank you Lord for her and I pray that she may know that she is loved by YOU,
7. A childhood friend shared with me that he is serving the Lord and his testimony is so edifying...Bless him Lord and may he dedicate all the days of his life to continually serve you,
8. Although my cousin´s husband doesn´t live in our town, he send me some lovely gifts,
9. I have been able to share the Word with my childhood friends and testify of the saving grace of Jesus the name of Jesus I declare them saved,
10. What a blessing to see other brother´s and sister´s serving the Lord..I visited some churches and I am grateful for what the Lord is doing in the hearts of people in ECUADOR!!!
11. Had a long conversation with my cousin about the Word and I know that Word will not return void in the name of Jesus,
12. Thank you Lord because you have called me to be here...I am so thankful to have this time to be with my family, to be able to share with others brother´s in the faith and see your glory here.


  1. Praise the Lord! Our God has no limits, so let's not limit HIm in our lives or in that of others:)

  2. God Bless you sister....I see that your CYB post are always on time even when you are overseas. Isn't wonderful that our God is the same always and is always faithful. I am so glad that you are seeing His hand wherever you are. I had the pleasure of carrying Genesis twice, which I was so excited about and speaking to Kianna she is growing into such a young lady. Enjoy yourself while you're there, and we'll see you when you get back in the name of Jesus!

  3. Sydney, so good to hear from you again. God bless you my sister. Wow, you're in Ecquador - amazing. God is good. I have family from Ecquador too. However, they live in the States now.

    I will pray for you and a safe trip home. xoxo


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