Friday, October 9, 2009

Counting My Blessings

1. Was able to stay at home with my nieces while my husband, sister and BIL went to church to go to the maintenance cleaning;
2. Was able to have a nice conversation with a SIC..Please bless her Lord and strengthen her through this season in her life;
3. Received another SIC on Sunday; She had been asking the Lord to direct her to a church and she found a gospel tract with our church address on it..Praise the Lord.
4. Thank you Lord for the patience you have with me...I am still learning!
5. My husband has been such an example to me this week..He is so patient,understanding and loving to me...Lord continue to fill him with more of YOU!
6. Tuesday night prayer was a blessing..our new SIC came with her beautiful daughter. Answered prayer..thank you GOD!!
7. My daughter is doing so well in HS...All the Glory is yours LORD :)
8. My sister blessed me and stood with my girls so I can run some errands before the big day!!!!
9. The Lord answered my petition to be able to go see my grandmother :) (She is in her 90's and my prayer was to see her before she goes to rest in the LORD) Please keep me in your prayers..that the Lord may glorify Himself during my trip abroad.
10. A BIC came to Thursday service...Lord may he understand Your forgiveness and the power of your blood for restoration.
11. My sis Karen celebrated her Earthday this week. I love my sister so much! Now we are both in our 30's..SMILE :)
12. God..even though I may fail you, which I do, you have always proven to be a great Father to me. Thank you for loving me at my worst and encouraging me along the way. Your love is unconditional.


  1. Although you probably won't read this until you get back (unless you're wireless overseas?!), I love you. I know the Lord will glorify Himself there b/c you are a useful instrument in His hands!

  2. Sydney. What wonderful blessings, especially getting to see your grandmother.

    God bless you.


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