Friday, October 2, 2009

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. On Saturday I was able to go out with my Sis and niece to purchase some items for her home;
2. Found a great deal on a Nike T-shirt for my nephew ($1.60) and a pair of dress pants for my husband ($7.00) at Kohl's..woo hoo!!!
3. My daughter is getting better at double dutch :)
4. My sister and her daughters came over for dinner;
5. Tuesday night prayer was a blessing like always;
6.. Received my confirmation..and I am on my way;
7. Wednesday night prayer with my husband was beautiful....the Lord gave me such a direct Word;
8. First month of HS has been a success...I am so thankful.....thank you Lord, for the privilege;
9. My Sis...shared some Jr.'s Cheesecake and it made for a yummy midnight snack for the fam...thanks Karen.
10. My newborn is so beautiful...she has also been so cooperative during HS...thank you Sweet Jesus!!!
11. There is absolutely nothing that I can accomplish without the help of Your Holy Spirit.

It is not is YOU in me!!!!!!!!!
All the glory is YOURS!!!


  1. Sydney,
    It's so amazing to see what God does in our lives when we surrender, isn't it? Although I will def miss you, I'm glad you're on your way!

  2. Sydney,

    God is so good. Looks like you and your sister had a wonderful time together. Sisters are so special. Kudos for finding those items at Kohls. I love Kohls. xoxo


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