Friday, September 11, 2009

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. Witnessed the baptism in water of my B'sIC..may they continue to walk in the fear of YOU;
2. My daughter was able to enjoy the end of summer trip:) She really wanted to go;
3. My husband desired a bicycle for some time now..this week one was given to him by a co-worker..only you Lord;
4. Received an awesome Word on Sunday..Thank you Lord for sending us your precious HOLY SPIRIT. May we seek HIM always! My daughter went up for prayer and was so blessed by it. Me, too!
5. My husband had Monday off and he enjoyed alone time with the baby so I can go run some errands; I am grateful for my hubby LORD :)
6. Started HS this week; help me Lord in the name of Jesus;
7. Received my curriculum :)..prepositions?
8 Rejoicing in this season of my life...thank you for the abundance LORD!
9. Enjoying my Co-Pastor directing church services;
10. I praise you Lord for this past week, thanking you for your presence and knowing you will always be with me, you have promised to never leave me...alleluya!!!!!


  1. I love how you thanked God for this "Season" of your life. We go through seasons in this life and we all need to be thankful. Thank you for reminding me of that.

    I hope homeschooling is thriving.

    God bless.

  2. Hello my friend. Thank you blessing me with your comment. I got the table you spoke of at BJ's.

    You can check listings for the closest one to you. Costco is like BJ's, so they may have it too. Sam's Club is another one.

    I don't know which one of these is most accessible, but I got mine at BJ's.

  3. I had felt like the Lord was ushering us into a new season both as a church and personally (but then again, you can't separate the two:). Thank You Jesus for giving us the grace to leave one season behind and enter into a new one.


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