Friday, September 4, 2009

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. Learned a valuable lesson this past Saturday ;)
2. My mom prepared a traditional dish and our Pastor came over;
3. Our Pastor shared the Word and lead us in an awesome prayer;
4. Learning my baby's feeding cues;
5. My daughter has caught up with her bible reading calendar..woo hoo!
6. Tuesday's prayer service was a tremendous blessing. Thank you Lord because you heard my husband's prayer
7. Car prayers are awesome! Can I get a witness?
8. My niece (toddler) and BIL celebrated their Earth Day's this week :)
9. The Lord will always provide.
10. It was more disciplina que pruebas but your grace is sufficient. You loved me through it ALL! Thank you Father for the blood of Jesus :)


  1. Yes Lord,thank You for loving us through it all...Your love covers a multitude of sins. I'm glad to hear that you and kiki are in one accord concerning her feedings:)

  2. Hello, God has been good to all of us this week. I'm so happy God heard your husband's cries. Thank God for praying husbands.

    Have a great week and look forward to sharing Friday once again.


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