Friday, August 21, 2009

Counting My Blessings

1. My husband was edified while going evangelizing with our church; He really likes his t-shirt!
2. Our newborn attended her first church service on Sunday; My first time back since having the baby.
3. The Lord has showered my husband with grace at his job...his employer gave him a much wanted tupperware set!!! Thank you Jesus :)
4. My tween has been an immense help to me this week! Thank you Jesus for the love to serve you've deposited in her :)
5. I am so grateful to the Lord for the husband that He has given me;
6. My sister came over with my nieces;
7. My BIC were able to pack school supply boxes to donate to kids at the Bowery Mission..My desire is that the children who receive these love packages make Jesus Lord of their lives;
8. Thank you Jesus that the baby has been able to rest during church services, I know the Word YOU spoke on Sunday was for me...Thank you Holy Spirit because I know the baby received as well;
9. Received a blog award from my sister KAREN at Building Her House
10.My mom stopped by and came with her delish oatmeal drink!! :) yummy!
11. I am so thankful Lord for all that you have done this week...You continue to prove Your unconditional love for my family. Holy Spirit continue to make your presence felt in our hearts and that we may show the love of Jesus Christ to others!


  1. Praise the Lord for the tupperware set...although it may not be the biggest blessing per se, anytime we get to see His hands on the smallest details of our lives, we see His love and now that's a blessing!

  2. It's so amazing how we can see the Lord's blessings in the big things but some times the smallest things are even more touching....thank you Jesus. What a blessing it was to meet baby Genesis, she is too precious. God Bless you all.

  3. Sydney, you are always passing my my blog and giving me verses to be inspired by. The Word of God is always good isn't it!!!!

    God is so good.

    Thank you for passing by my blog and reading it. I appreciate it.

    God bless,



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