Saturday, August 15, 2009

Counting My Blessings

1. The Lord has blessed me with another daughter. Thank you Father for loaning her to me. I know that she is precious in your sight;
2. The love from my FIC truly shines through;
3. Received a home visit from my Pastor. I thank the Lord for him!
4. My Co-Pastor's wife and children also visited me;
5. My daughter went on a trip to the Museum of Jewish Heritage and also saw the Statue of Liberty; Thank you Jesus that she was able to go!
6. My sister came over and watched the baby so I can run some errands. Thanks sis!;
7. My SIC left a touching v.m for the birth of my daughter. I just read a comment she posted on an earlier entry of mine that brought me to tears, thanks Michelle!
8. My mother took the time and made this delicious home-made oatmeal drink for me. It was delish!
9. My husband encouraged me this week and as he spoke, I felt the prescence of my Father knowing that his words came directly from God's heart to my ears!
10. My tween has been so helpful this week, thank you Jesus for my girl with a curl!!
11. This has certainly been a week in which the blessings have overflowed in abundance. But with a Father like ours...isn't every week like that?

Aleluya...Gloria a Dios!!!!


  1. Yes indeed, that is the God we serve who takes us from glory to glory! I am grateful to the Lord for the time He allowed me to spend with kiki...titi and kiki...I like that and so does she:)

  2. Maria Said...
    Praise God! He is soooo faithful, He truly Loves us
    and give us more than what we can imagine, or think.
    Our hearts rejoice to see how he is blesing you and your family. We miss you,give the baby a kiss from me, God bless you sister.

  3. What a blessed week sis, and with the Lord in our lives are weeks will always be blessed....Praise the Lord!


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