Friday, August 28, 2009

Counting My Blessings Challenge

This week my sister Karen presented a CYB Challenge. The challenge is to list how God used another women to bless my life. Please read below:

1. My grandmother - She has been a blessing to me through her example of perseverance. My grandmother has raised her children, many of her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even now her great-great grandchildren in the midst of financial hardships and personal battles. She raised the aforementioned practically on her own. She is now well into her 90's and still going strong in the name of Jesus. I received a blessing the day she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

2. My mother - There is almost a loss of words to describe how the Lord has used my mom to bless me. But I will try my best to fight back my tears and write this. When I think of what my mother put up with me..I am so thankful to God for her. I was more than a handful to say the least. I was rebellious, ungrateful, disrespectful, angry, resentful, etc.. and all this before I reached my mid-teens. My mother loved me through all my fits of anger and rage. She loved me through all the bad decisions I had made. And I sure did make a lot of awful choices. She loved me enough to tell me the truth knowing what my reaction would be. I remember at a time when I knew a few kids my age that were being kicked out of their house by their mother never told me to leave. Instead she would ask me to stay the times that I would pick up and leave thinking I would find better elsewhere. She loved me through it all.

There are countless testimonies that I can give of how the Lord used this beautiful women of God to bless me. Coming to Christ has helped me to love my mother all over again. Jesus has helped me love her with His love. I am glad that He gave her to me as my mom and a few years back my sister in Christ.

Thank you Lord for my mom. I am thankful because your Word says that she is your special treasure. I am thankful because you have deposited in her the ability to be a great mom, a loving grandmother to my children and a caring mother-in-law to my husband. He loves her so much! I thank you Lord for all the counsel she has given me knowing that she cares enough to say it. Please continue to bless her Lord..may she always she herself the way You see her. May she always feel Your tender love for her knowing that you have promised to never leave her or forsake her. In the name of Jesus I ask this..amen

Last but certainly not least....

3. My sister Karen - Before I wanted to cry but thinking of my sister Karen brings an immediate smile to my face. We sure have been through a lot together. I thank God for all the moments we spent together growing up. I thank the Lord for blessing me with a sister who even in the world was a good example to me and to my daughter. I remember years back when she was in college how I would come home from partying and Karen would be up burning the midnight oil studying. I would be hanging out and Karen would be in Starbucks with her coffee and textbooks. She was determined to let nothing or no one stop her from accomplishing the goal she set up for herself to graduate college. The day I went to her graduation I felt like a proud mama..seeing my sis graduate.

The Lord used Karen, for His glory, to draw me closer to HIM. Before I came to Christ there was a specific time in my life when I was in a very dark and lonely place. I clearly remember she would take the time to speak to me on the phone for hours listening to me cry and complain. She didn't mind what time of the night it was or how long she would have to travel to come see me and make me feel loved. (Wait, I think I am going to cry now).

There are many things I can write about Karen. I have many beautiful memories that we have shared. But, now more than sisters in the natural we are sisters in Christ. I am thankful for the unique bond we have knowing that our relationship has been made stronger through the love in Jesus Christ.

My prayer to you Lord is that you keep blessing her with every spiritual blessing in the heavens. You chose her in HIM before the foundation of the earth to be holy and blameless in your sight. Thank you Father because you have predestined her to be adopted through Jesus Christ for Himself, according to His favor and will. May she always be confident in that she is more than a conqueror and that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her!

I pray all this in the name of Jesus...

God bless you!


  1. To God be all the Glory! I don't want to forget all that the Lord has done for me and where He took me from. Reading how truly horrible we were (and you know we were) makes me (1) grateful to the Lord for rescuing us and (2) hold on to Him even tighter b/c I don't want to go back. God has definitely blessed us with a beautiful heritage of strong woman warriors for His Glory. Praise the Lord that we, through the Lord only, are training up the next generation:)
    ps. i love you more than I can explain but I sure do hope you feel it and know it. Who else knows I didn't think it was butterflies?!!!!


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