Friday, August 28, 2009

Counting My Blessing

1. My husband and tween were able to go and evangelize in the street along with members of our church.
2. During my daughter's 12th b-day party my husband played football with BIC. We shopped around for one but they were a tad expensive. However, this week his boss' son gave him a brand new official Wilson football. God you are so awesome!!
3. My husband is getting better and better at carrying the baby :)
4. Help me Jesus to retain my first love. Anyone who has an ear should listen to what the Spirit says to the churches.
5. I was blessed by preachings from my Co-Pastor and BIC this week!
6. My daughter went to Camp Taconic with the Sunday School classes from church (Thanx Karen for taking her)
7. Got a good deal on Enfamil using a coupon!! woo hoo :)
8. Received some words of encouragement and prayer from my Co-Pastor and his wife;
9. I will continue to be grateful for the husband you have given my Lord!
10. I thank you Lord for this past week. Thank you because I have been able to see your mercy upon my family. I have been able to witness your Word become flesh in me. Continue to guide me in all Holy Spirit of God!

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  1. I rejoice in being able to see God's glory in your lives!!! It increases my faith in our Strong and Mighty God. No matter what and the midst of it all, I can shout, "You are Faithful, I need not fear, You are with me!"


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