Friday, July 31, 2009

Counting My Blessings

1. Friday the 24th was my last day at my office job;
2. Thank you Lord because you blessed me with grace and favor there and I was able to finish just the way I asked you to be able to finish; You are infinately faithful!
3. The children directed another service for God's glory;
4. My sister and her fam went on their 1st fam va-ca..what fun!
5. My tween niece turned 12 this week. It has been a personal blessing to see her growing up and being instructed in the ways of the Lord!
6. I was able to spend some much desired quality time with my tween daughter...Thank you Jesus!
7. The Holy Spirit gave me some ideas for a creative dinner menu this week;
8. My husband was able to enjoy each meal twice....taking them for lunch the next day :)
9. Thank you Lord because I know that you will complete the work you have started in my mother;
10. Was able to hear the baby's heartbeat this week :) She is almost here!!!!
11. Although Marriage class is over..I have been able to reflect and meditate on what was learned and putting it into practice in the name of Jesus!
12. Thank you Lord because you have kept me and my family from the snares of the enemy!!

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  1. Isn't He just so good:) You will have to share those recipes with us soon with pics please:)


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