Friday, July 10, 2009

Counting My Blessings

1. My daughter turned 12 this week..I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. Thank you Lord for another year she has spent in YOU! We had a birthday celebration at Church with the FIC!!Thanks for all the thoughtful gifts!!!
2. My FIC surprised me with a blessing shower for my soon to be here 2nd daughter..and boy was I surprised!
3. My Hubby and I were blessed with just about everything we wanted for the baby!!! Sweet Jesus...Thank you!!!
4. Was super happy when I saw my mom at the birthday celebration/blessing shower..Thank you Jesus for my MOM!!!
5. I need to allow the Lord to mold me more and more into HIS image! I rejoice that the Lord is soooo patient with me.
6. My Pastor has such an anointing to teach the Word of God!
7. During marriage class I learned about how my BIC courted their wives... :)
8. Was off on Monday from work;
9. Preformed jury duty Wed, Thurs, Fri...which meant no work!!
10. My fam and I are thankful to my sister and her fam who have welcomed my daughter in their home for school vacations and summer breaks. We thank the Lord for you!!!
11. I was blessed to see the Lord's grace and mercy throughout this week! Thank you JESUS!!!!

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  1. God only blesses us to be a blessing to others...we are grateful that He allows us to minister His love to is our pleasure to serve Him in serving you...we hope you always feel and receive the love in which it is done with for His glory!


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