Sunday, July 5, 2009

Counting My Blessings

1. My Mom surprised the Fam with dinner;
2. Dr. is 5lb God be the Glory!!!
3. My tween was able to see the baby on the sonogram;
4. Marriage class was a blessing; I truly learn how to appreciate and edify my husband with each class!
5. My niece turned sweet 15 this week;
6. My Mom's 2nd birthday was this week, too!
7. Short work week this week...woo hoo!!! Thank you Jesus!!
8. Pastor's message on Thursday was truly a blessing...Luke 8:34!
9. Busy week , but the Lord has given me the strength and grace to get through..Thank you Lord!
10. Thank you Jesus for another week in YOU!!!!!


  1. Praise the Lord....I rejoice in your blessed week!

  2. I feel the same way about the marriage class; each class shows me how grateful I am to have a godly husband:) Good to see both physical growth (Kiki) and spiritual:)

  3. maria
    Yes the classes have been a blessing for us too,
    God is doing new things in our marriage that had improved many aspect of it.
    I truly rejoice with you sister in everything God is doing in your life.


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