Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have created a storage space in my l.r. in which I have managed to pack so many things that I thought it was about time to consolidate some of the household goods.

I was able to pack about 5 bags (clothes, toys, shoes, etc.)to donate to the Salvation Army. My husband tossed about 4 bags of garbage.

I received a good piece of advice in which I tried to follow during my clean-up effort is that "If I were planning to move, would I take this with me?" I noticed I had quite a few things that no longer were in working order and I just kept and stored them. I had items that my family nor I used any longer and can be passed along to someone who may find use for them.

My husband and I will be concentrating on the kitchen next! We have been blessed with abundant cabinet space and therefore I have managed to use it as storage also.
I am excited to get started on that one!

Overall, I feel like we made some progress in our effort to prepare for the arrival of our 2nd daughter in just 3 weeks.


  1. I know that when we clean up around here, it feels like lbs, lifting off from the house. Now to keep it that way:)

  2. I love cleaning up... we have the freecycle stash, DR stash and trash when we do it. The trouble is not getting more things after we clean.....good luck with the rst o the cleaning. Since we never use thecabinets on top of the fridge we keep tools there and wires and it works wonders.....


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